Attempt to seek help from the Office of the Prime Minister

Sent: September 27, 2022 5:31 PM
To: Prime Minister | Premier Ministre <>Subject: Re: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

To: The Office of the Prime Minister

While I understand the Prime Minister has a lot of important things on his agenda, I believe he should take a few minutes to look at what I am trying to tell him. Child support, like child access, is the right of the child. Our Canadian legal system is quick to enforce child access, but it has a lot of work to do to enforce the right of a child for proper financial support.

Women and children in Canada are suffering; they are suffering everyday. Everywhere I turned over the years, the system failed me and it failed my children, and it continues to fail us. I am tired of trying to get the attention of people in positions of power to help us, if I have fight for someone’s attention, I would rather focus my efforts from the top and work my way down because this is far too important an issue for anyone, especially Mr. Trudeau, to ignore.

I know the Trudeau Government stands for equality and I know Mr. Trudeau is a firm believer in supporting women. However, I am a little confused because if he was truly interested in supporting women, he would listen to what I have to say.

We are a military family so yes, I agree, the Department of National Defense and the Office of Veterans Affairs need to be aware of what is happening. However, what has happened to us is not confined to to this institution. What has happened to us, is happening in all sectors of employment across Canada. Child support judgements in Canada in many cases, are not worth the paper they are written on if no one enforces them. What is the point in hiring a lawyer? What is the point of waiting years for a court date? What is the point of a Judge if his/her word is meaningless? What is the point of creating laws, if they are ok to be broken without any consequences?

I have mentioned this in my previous emails but I will say it again. I have had 3 court ordered judgements for child support over an 8 year period that were ALL ignored. This is not just a problem, this is very a serious problem.

If Mr. Trudeau is too busy to address this now, I am confident that I will get his attention someday. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but I am positive that my determination to put a spotlight on this issue far outweighs Mr. Trudeau’s level of ignorance in choosing to ignore me.