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PTSD Affects Us All

UNARMOURED PTSD Affects Us All by Karen Butt, nonfiction

Twenty-five-year-old Norah, a young, single flight attendant, finds herself the last of her friend group to find love, get married and live her happily ever after. She turns to online dating, hoping to meet the man of her dreams to settle down, get married and start a family with.

She meets Grant, an army officer in the Canadian Armed Forces who has served tours in Afghanistan and Bosnia. What Norah does not know are the secrets that lie deep beneath the uniform, secrets she won’t learn until it’s too late.

Along her journey, Norah discovers numerous issues within the Canadian legal system, the Canadian Armed Forces as well as the Quebec government that have impacted her life and the lives of her children negatively. Her hope is that her story will bring these issues to light in efforts to help prevent other families from experiencing similar injustices. Unarmoured is the true story of a Canadian military family suffering in silence through the ripple effects of PTSD caused by war.

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August 23, 2023



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UNARMOURED PTSD Affects Us All by Karen Butt, nonfiction